How Malaria Expands:
Anaphylaxis mosquitoes

My dear friends In today's post we will know about malaria disease - like the malaria symptoms and its treatment and its prevention.

What is Malaria:

Malaria is an disease that spreads through anaphylaxis mosquito bites, in which cold fever occurs; But these symptoms can also vary according to the type of disease-causing plasmamodium. In many cases the fever comes from one day. It is an infectious fever in which the fever runs with cold, and sweat comes off from the distance of fixed time. Its fever comes consistently by giving a difference of one, two, three, four days, but sometimes it can come everyday. The disease is not spread by all species of mosquitoes, but female anaphylies are responsible for this.

How Malaria Expands:

Bacteria of malaria disease Plasmodium mainly consists of two types. One, Plasmodium Wiewex and the second, Plasmodium felsi parm. These germs are parasites which means they take their nutrition from the blood of human beings. When female anaphylite mosquito sucks blood of malaria sufferers, many parasitic mosquitoes of the malaria disease reach the stomach of the mosquito and when the mosquito bites a healthy person, the parasite of malaria will be found in the blood by saliva. And keep increasing their numbers.

Symptoms of Malaria :

  • Within 14 to 21 days after the bacteria of malaria disease, the malaria fever comes in the body. When the parasite breaks out of the blood cells, the patient feels cup or cold. Sweat after high fever and the patient feels weakness. Later symptoms also occur in the heat.
  • The major symptoms of malaria include chronic irritation, vomiting, headache, body ache, palpation, thirst after fever, and cold fever in 103-104 degrees F. Climbing up, rubbing the patient and murmuring, then sweating comes to get fever and relax. In the long-running fever, the patient's spleen and liver increase.
  • Nowadays, the symptoms described above in Malaria infection are not found in many cases. For example, if you do not get cold fever, it is only body ache or headache, and malaria is found when the patient is checked.
  • Malaria fever is left several times a day and comes one day.
  • In the old disease of malaria, the patient's spleen increases, blood There is also a lack of it. So do not accept malaria disease as normal and take medicine from the doctor immediately.

Malaria Test:

  • In addition to doing the diagnosis of the disease on the basis of symptoms, the doctor also provides a microscopic examination by making a blood slide and using a pathologist. In this, both types of bacteria ware detected.
  • In addition to this, a new test method is also available, in which the address of felspiper or wivex species goes by putting the patient's blood on a strip or card. It takes less time, but this check is something costly.

Treatment of Malaria and Malaria Medicine:

  • Chloroquine chloroquine of quinine salts has been used in the treatment of malaria. Other drugs include Primacquin, Hydroxychloroquine, Pamacquine etc., which should be taken according to the instructions of a physician.

Measures to Prevent Malaria:

  • Avoid mosquitoes. Sleep here, do not have mosquitoes, or sleep in a cloth.
  • Put the children under the mosquito net or fine (thin) cloth. 
  • Apply mustard oil on the body. Do not cut mosquitoes from it.
  • Finish the mosquitoes and larvae. Mosquitoes are born in stopped water. Remove the broken pottery nearby. Clean the pond or the swamps or pour some oil on them.
  • Break the pits and water gathering locations around the house. 
  • Keep changing the water of the tank, tank, cooler etc.. Repeat once a week. This can also prevent reproduction of mosquitoes. 
  • In the open places Where the water can not remove possible, add burnt oil or kerosene oil. This will not cause mosquito lava.
  • Arrange the water extraction properly. Arrange under ground drainage as far as possible. Use Finacle for cleaning Spraying insecticides in mosquito-borne areas and in homes. 
  • Nowadays DDT, BHC Instead of pyrethide is sprayed, which is very effective (but also be cautious with it). 
  • Larva can be destroyed by placing terimphous or melathian on larvae sites. 
  • Use of nets - Nowadays, medicinal mosquito nets are also available. Using them, mosquitoes can be avoided. 
  • Apply mosquito nets on the doors and windows.
  • Keep smoke and neem oil from the leaves of the leaves and keep the mosquitoes away. Mosquitoes are destroyed by pyretham's smoke. 
  • Nowadays, pesticides and pesticides, meth, etc. come. But they are harmful. Therefore, the use of natural materials is better. 
  • Even mosquitoes can be kept away from the body by applying anti-mosquito creams.
  • After identification of the disease, he should take complete treatment to remove it from the root.Treatment of malaria is not very difficult. If the right amount of correct medicine is taken after the check, the disease is cured by the root cause, but if the malaria is often resistant to chloroquine, then taking other effective medicines should be done. 
  • We should understand that mosquitoes Not only malaria, but also dangerous diseases like dengue, filariasis etc. are also spread.Therefore, if we stop mosquito reproduction or destroy them, then these diseases can also be avoided.
  • Remember, the control of mosquitoes is only in control of malaria. Control of mosquitoes population - Mosquito diseases are carriers of parasites. Therefore, it is better to stop them from growing.
  • Mosquitoes of malaria disease give eggs in stopped water. The egg produces larvae, then pupa is formed and mosquitoes are prepared from pupa. In this process, it takes 9 to 11 days. 
  • In such areas where malaria is abundantly, people from there may be able to survive malaria fever by eating a few medicines from the doctor's advice. Therefore, the people in this family, village or region are more likely to take these medicines. Medicines are given free of cost in government hospitals.

What to Eat in Malaria:

  • When the fever is gone, then eat small amounts of Arharot, sabudana kheer, bowl of rice, bhadana, grapes, and ghee, etc.
  • On the day the fever is coming, on that day the rice of old rice, semolina bread, little milk or fish Eat broth. 
  • Take raw banana, paraval, brinjal, banana flower vegetable. 
  • Squeeze lemon in hot water and mix sugar according to the taste and drink 2-3 times. 
  • Before eating the fenugreek, eat apples. 
  • If you feel thirst, drink a little bit of buttermilk. 
  • Drink hot water in the fever and only after cooling the cold water. 
  • In Malaria disease, there is also a lot of health benefits from the kernel of Bell. Put 50 grams of black pepper seeds and 5 leaves of basil in 50 grams of vinegar and cook it on the fire for a while. After some time, take out the filter by filtering it out twice a day and getting rid of malaria fever twice a day.
  • By mixing 3 grams of black pepper, black pepper and cinnamon with the pulse of the pulse, it also protects against malaria fever. Make peppers by mixing different types of black pepper, garnet and cinnamon with equal amounts. 
  • By mixing the basal water, boiling the root of the bell, drinking feces can cause great benefits in malaria fever.

Do not Eat in Malaria:

  • Do not eat heavy, heavy, fried, chilli-spicy food in the food.
  • Don't eat meat, fish, eggs. 
  • Do not eat cold water, ice cream, cold drinks. 
  • Do not drink alcohol. Do not let the body feel cold. 
  • Do not work harder.

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