Every woman in the world wants to look beautiful even if she is not in reality. In the art of decorating beauties, God has only made women competent. To show themselves beautiful, most women resort to expensive cosmetics, which are harmful to their skin. Because these cosmetics are mixed in such chemicals that affect our skin very seriously. It is not a good idea for women to show themselves as beautiful in a runaway life of today. In such a way, they sit in front of the mirror for hours and make their own makeup so that they can look beautiful, it may happen, but after they are removed, they appear to be worse than before. Some women who use make-up believe that they can not look beautiful without makeup, but do you also think that a woman can not look beautiful without makeup. If we do not think so, in a way it is only in our hands to look beautiful. But it is also true that it is not in the fate of nature to look natural, but if you try, you can also look beautiful without cosmetic, in this way you will not have to face the loss due to use of cosmetic. If we take a proping diet and make some changes in our lifestyle then our wish can be fulfilled. You will also know that in the simplicity, the fun is not in anybody! Today, we have brought some ideas for you that with the help of which you can look beautiful, there is no need to make you make-up or beauty parlor. So let's know how looks beautiful without make-up.

Let us tell you one thing that if you are not beautiful then it does not matter, your speech and your speech is your identity. Even though in beauty you can stay behind two steps, but in front of your strengths, he will go back four steps from you. It is considered to be beautiful nowadays, but the beauty of the mind is something that can be won by anybody's heart. So do not lose your confidence, and as soon as you cherish your glory.

How to look beautiful: -

To look beautiful, make some changes in your habits:

If you want to look beautiful then you have to improve some of your habits like:
  • Do not shrink the face and talk.
  • Do not put too much force on the forehead.
  • Often water eyes do not mix.
  • Do not stab your palms on the groin
  • I do not care
  • Do not look eyes.

Our face's skin is more sensitive than other parts of the body, which causes more stains on it. Due to these habits, wrinkles occur on our face. So leave these habits of yours.

Avoid problems to look beautiful

The skin of our face is very fragile, due to which any change affects the most on it. If you want to look beautiful, avoid the following problems coming to the face -

*Stay away from wrinkles to become beautiful - Avoid wrinkles coming on your face. But if you are troubled by this, add a spoonful of honey and lemon and mix it on your face. By doing so, the wrinkles will end with your face and in future it will never return again.

*Remedy for oil skin - If your skin is oiled then remove this oilseed. Because there is a danger of more problems arising from it. To get relief from oil skin, grind some mint leaves of mint. Now add 2 to 3 bouquets of rose water and 1 teaspoon lemon juice and mix it well. After this, leave the mixture on your face for half an hour. Wash after half an hour. By doing so, the viscosity of the face will be removed and the impurities in it will end. Apart from this, the face can also be cleaned by mixing turmeric, cream and lemon juice. Coconut oil can be used if your skin is curly.

*Avoid Dark Circles to Be Beautiful - The Dark Circles are the biggest contribution to your face being looser and weak. If you are free from this problem, then do not do any such work in your daily routine, so that dark circles can come. But if you are suffering from it then take a little honey and mix it with some sticks of almond oil. Now add this mixture to the affected area, it will end your dark circles.

*To be beautiful, stay away from the problem of acne - this problem arises in excessive oil skin. But some measures can be overcome by this. Take potatoes for this and grind it and put it on the acne. In addition, you can boil potatoes and get rid of your acne by using its peel. Acne with boiled potato peel and squeezing the acne with light-handed hands, acne begins to heal.

*Do not allow the skin to be rigid to look beautiful - If your skin is rigid then the nutrients present in it end. Which does not keep your skin attractive If your skin is not dry, then you should boycott such habits that may cause skin irritability. But if your skin is rigid then fix it with the help of these remedies and return it to the lost moisture. Take coconut oil for this and mix orange juice. After this, add some honey bangles and mix them well. Now put this mixture on your skin. Doing this will remove the stamina of your skin.

Regularly use some things to make yourself beautiful

Cleansing and scrubbing to clean the face - If you want to make yourself beautiful, then adopt the habits like cleansing and scrubbing. This removes dead skin cells from your face and raises new cells, resulting in a unique color on the skin. Clean your face with Cleansing Milk before sleeping at night Be sure to scrubbing once a week, this will bring black head and dead skin. Using the cleanser, skin bacteria are released. The moisturizer cleanser will be good for the rustic skin.

Use of SPF to protect the skin from sunburn - Due to tanning in the sun, the color of the skin also fades, so before using sunflower, use SPF lotion. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays. This will save your skin dust from soil and pollution.

How to clean your skin - Add a teaspoon of orange juice to a little husk (bran) to get a sparkle in your skin. Now add 1 spoonful of honey or rose water, add it and mix it well. After mixing this paste on your face and neck. Wash it after drying. By continuous use of some time you will get faint skin.

Moisturizer and toner use to moisten the skin - Moisturizer helps to make your skin soft and moist. Our skin has suffered heavy loss due to pollution, sunlight and dust in the atmosphere. Due to lack of nutrition in skin, wrinkles occur in it and it also starts drying. To avoid such problems, be sure to use moisturizer. With the help of toner your skin comes in tension so that it does not loose. Apart from this toner, your hair follicles are closed, out of which extra oil comes out.

Use of shampoo to keep hair clean - It is mandatory to look not only faces, but also to keep your hair clean. For this, wash the hair well with shampoo at least 3 days after each week and then use the conditioner. Dirty and sticky hair can spoil the look of your face. Combine your hair in the night before sleeping. Go out and comb your hair so it will look good on your face.

Some changes brought about in behavior to become beautiful

These are the measures that can help you to clean your skin. But just because of the skin you do not become beautiful. To be beautiful, good conduct and behavior are also needed. Apart from this, it can be made beautiful by making some changes in sitting up.
Below are some facts that can help you change your behavior.
  • Increase your self-confidence.
  • Keep your body's posture right.
  • Take care of your face.
  • Hair style to suit your face.
  • Take care of skin.
  • Enlarge the nails, but take care of them well.
  • Take care of your clothes.
  • Take control of your voice


Friends, in this post, I have told you how to make yourself beautiful and smart.You can use this trick and make smart and beautiful easily.

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