10 Tips For CONCEIVE Success

Tips For CONCEIVE Success

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Inability to stay pregnant at the right time can result in insufficient nutrition, physical impairment or delayed marriage. Apart from this, there are some reasons that can affect fertility, but this 10 measures can be helpful in solving your problem -

1. Needed Check - If you want to increase your family, then you must first do your health checkup. Both husband and wife must check their own, so that if there is any problem then they can be detected and solutions can be removed.

2. Weight  - Try to keep your weight under control. Being less or more of weight can both cause difficulties for you. In fact, if the weight is too low, the hormones required to form the egg in the ovary may not be released, so that the fetus is not able to stand. So do not lose weight too much and do not increase too much

3. Exercise - Make exercise part of your routine. Do at least half an hour of exercise and do the light exercises. This will also keep you fit and refresh. But do not exercise too long, do not exercise too much, nor do too much exercise.

4. Keep special care of nutrition - Take a diet rich in nutrients, it will help increase fertility. For this, increase the amount of protein in your diet and eat plenty of vitamins-C, iron and calcium. Due to the lack of these essential nutrients, irregular periods may increase the chance of abortion. For this, include green vegetables, fruits, beans and fish in the diet.

5. Trouble with some habits - stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and other addictions. The elements found in them can damage the fetus. Apart from this, the discharge of estrogen hormone may also be reduced, which proves to be very negative for the fetus. It can also cause problems in pregnancy again.

6. Tea-coffee - Do not eat tea, coffee and cold drinks. It can affect fertility. Apart from this, caffeine found in it is also harmful to your health.

7. Prevention of infection - Infections can be prevented by paying special attention to cleanliness. Keep in mind the cleaning of private parts and do not carry any kind of carelessness. Due to vaginal infections, pregnancy can also cause problems.

8. Do not take medicine with your mind - Do not take any medicine with your mind, without any problem, without consulting the doctor. Due to the side effects of medicines many times there is problem in pregnancy. That's why show the doctor

9. Monthly cycle - pay attention to the timing of the monthly cycle. If your monthly cycle is getting irregular, contact the doctor immediately. If this time is moving more than 10 days then check it out. From the tenth day of the start of a monthly cycle, the probability of staying pregnant for the next ten days is high. Spend time with partner at this time.

10. Pay attention to sex - Even if your routine is too busy, take enough time to make a relationship with a partner. For this, take time out two to three times a week. Regularly involving sex in your lifestyle, estrogen discharge is more, which helps in perspiration.In addition to the possibility of having a relationship between 36 to 48 hours before the first part of the egg, it is more likely to remain pregnant. is.

In addition to these tips, the wife should take care of her husband's health. Tobacco, cigarette, gutkha, alcohol etc. should not be used in any kind of addiction. This reduces the male power in men. For the women to have a healthy pregnancy, men should feed their health food. And should also be used in the right amount of natural fruits.

Friends In today's post, Man told that if a woman has a problem in conceiving, then she can follow these tips and make a healthy conceive.

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