Viral Fever: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Viral Fever: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

The fever caused by infection contamination is called viral fever. Viral fever influences the body. It also has high fever, burn in the eyes, headaches, body aches and sometimes vomiting. It takes the old man and the children to grip more because their resistance is less. Some people themselves become doctors and use antibiotics, whereas antibiotics can not kill the virus, it can kill only harmful bacteria.

So do not harm your body and if the fever is 103 F. then treat the viral fever in the presence of a good doctors. Home remedies can also help you deal with this situation.

Causes of Viral Fever

1. It spreads from one person to the other. When the infected person sneezes, coughs or talks, small squares of fluid get out. Which can enter your body by breath. If a virus also enters the body, it will infect the whole body in 16 to 48 hours.
2. Using any beverage pollinated by the virus.
3. By contact with the infected person either by blood or by sex.
4. One cause of viral fever is cold, weather changes.

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Symptoms of Viral Fever

1. Fever is very fast and then short for some time.
2. Feeling excessive fatigue in the body.
3. Pain in the muscles and joints.
4. Extremely cold.
5. Vomiting, nasal congestion, cough, headache, diarrhea and scratches on the body.

If you have 3 or 4 of these causes also in your body, then you may have a viral fever.

Treatment of Viral Fever

1. Treatment for viral fever is only based on reducing symptoms of infection.

2. If the patient has high fever then it is best that they should rest.

3. If the patient has high fever, headache, body pain, do not hesitate to consult the doctor.

4. Use lentil soup, soup and barley bread in the food as it is a light meal that gets digested quickly and is also resistant to viral disease, it gives energy to the patient.

5. Some people themselves become doctors and use antiparrayics, analgesics, antibiotics. This is harmful for the body without consulting the doctor.

6. Viral fever antibiotic will not be cured as this drug is made for harmful bacteria not for viruses.

7. If the doctor has given antibiotics to the patient, then he may have completed the course he has given for any other reason or disease.

8. If fever is lower than 102F then care can be taken at home only if it is more then take the help of the doctor immediately.

9. Keep the patient in a clean place and stay away from him, do not use things used by him.

10. If the patient has high fever then soak the clean cloth in the normal water on his head and keep it on his forehead and wipe the body with cloth until the temperature is normal, continue doing the same.

Precautions of Viral Fever

1. Keep typical water ties on the body of the patient. Keep the wraps as long as the body temperature does not diminish. 

2. The patient can give a tablet of paracetamol like clockwork. Try not to give some other shot without asking the specialist. 

3. If the fever isn't right for two days, at that point take the patient to the specialist. 

3. The patient ought to devour adequate measures of glucose and electrolyte.

Friends, do not try to get the information told in this article without your doctor's permission. Get advice from your doctor before you try this.
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