8 Surprising Health Benefits of Cloves

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Cloves

Benefits of Cloves -Cloves are not just filled with garam masala. It has many benefits which are very beneficial for our health. Digestion is good with its intake. It protects us from cancer and its use gets relief from liver disease, diabetes and toothache. Cloves are found in most of Indonesia, India, Pakistan and East Africa.

From Mughalai dish to clove in Asian dish, it is used for flavoring in food. Syzygium aromaticum When the seeds of flowering are dry, it is called cloves. Clove is the tree of the Myrtaceae family.

Dried seeds, stems and leaves of clove trees are all used in medicines. Clove oil also has many medicinal benefits. Cloves are being used as medicine in India and China for centuries.

Several Ayurvedic medicines are also being used to treat many diseases including toothache, tooth decay, pyuria, headache, diabetes, arthritis.

In the clove, carbohydrate, lipid, fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc and many vitamins are found. It contains anti-oxidants, anti-microbes, anti-inflammatory and hepataproteactive properties.।

Medicinal Benefits of Cloves

Cloves for Digestion

There are many types of digestive enzymes in cloves. By eating it, the digestive system is well and ACDT is finished. By frying the cloves and making it like powder and mixing it in honey, the digestive system is fine.

Cloves as Anti-Bacterial

Cloves contain anti-bacterial properties. This prevents us from many types of microbes. The juice from the clove and the enzyme kill the germs. Clove is an effective medicine in diseases of the disease like cholera.

Cloves for Cancer

There are quite a lot of research on the medicinal properties of cloves in the medical world. Especially because of its anti-carcinogenic properties. Many tests have shown that cloves made in lung cancer work quite a lot.

Cloves for Liver

There are a lot of anti-oxidants found in cloves, which protect the body parts of the body from the attack of free radicals. Especially the safety of the liver. Free radicals are formed during metabolism and clove is consumed by free radicals.

Cloves for Diabetes

With intake of cloves, our intestines work properly and the process of making insulin in the body is intensified. Juice from cloves and enzyme is also in the blood sugar level control.

Cloves for Bones

Eugenol Flavones, Isoflavones and Flavonoids Chemical Compound are found in cloves. It protects the bones and preserves miners found in the bones. If osteoporosis is a disease, then bone strength is maintained by clove consumption.

Cloves for Immunity

In Ayurveda clove is said to be a drug to strengthen disease resistance. By consuming it increases the number of white blood cells in the blood and the immune system is strong.

Cloves for Pain and Sweat

Cloves have anti-inflammatory and painful properties. This is the reason that it works like a panacea in any kind of pain and swelling of tooth.

Other Medicinal Benefits of Cloves

Heat the cloves and put them on the forehead, then the headache disappears.

Grind cloves and mix one teaspoon of honey and drink it vomit and gulp off.

Putting it on the fire in the mouth prevents swelling of the throat and dry cough.

Adding clove oil to sugar candy is beneficial in abdominal pain.

It also provides relief to asthmatics.

Precautions and Side Effects of Cloves

Clove oil should not be taken directly. Olive oil or water should be mixed with cloves oil, because the oil extracted from cloves has Cytotoxic properties that can damage your cells. Cigarettes made from cloves are also consumed in Indonesia, its consumption should be avoided.


Friends In today's post, I have told you about the advantages, precautions and side effects of Cloves. We have told general benefits, there are many benefits towards cloves too. If there are any benefits you should have included in this, then please tell us by telling us.
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