Headaches: Causes, Types, and Home Remedies

Headaches: Causes, Types, and Home Remedies

* What is Headache

* Types of Headache
* Causes of Headache
* Home Remedies for Headache 

Nowadays everyone has less time and more work. In such a situation, people do not pay attention to their health and the resultant body becomes the home of small diseases. Even if these diseases look normal, but take it seriously later. Headache is also one of these diseases. Many times the headache gets so high that people start taking up the headache medicine. Later these drugs have a bad effect. Therefore, it is better to take medication that home remedies for headache can be done. Today in this article we are telling you home remedies and reason of  headache.

What is Headache

Before knowing the Solution of headache, it is important to know what is the headache and what is its symptoms? Headache is a nervous system of the human nervous system and neck problems. Usually when you go through emotional or physical stress, then this problem comes in the form of a physical reaction. In such a situation, not only the head, but the neck and the back also cause pain. Nowadays the headache is a very common problem, but if the meditation is not given during the time, then this problem can increase.

Further in this article we are telling you the different types of headaches, which you will be able to find right home remedies.

Types of Headache

Now is the time to know the type of headache. Not necessarily need a doctor and medical attention in all headaches and it is not necessary that all the headaches are normal. Therefore, we are talking about some types of headache below.

1. Tension Headache

This is the most common headache. In this type of headache, the person feels ear pain on either side of his head, as someone is pressing from both sides on the rubber band in the head. Due to this type of headache, the neck and shoulder artery develop a lot of episode and feel swelling.

Reason: This kind of pain is caused by stress, lack of sleep or injury to the head.

Note: Stress-related headaches can also be exposed to cold air. When the winter comes and the cold air moves or the air comes in contact with the air condition, when the air appears on your neck and head, this condition can also be a headache. Physiotherapy can be quite beneficial in tension headache.

2. Migraine

The pain in migraine is on one side of the head, which is also called alfalfa. In this headache, the patient may have trouble with nausea, vomiting and light. In this, the patient feels pain like sticking something in the head.

Causes: This headache can be due to high aroma, changes in gold exchange, changes in hormones, consumption of alcohol, stress or even loud noise.

Note: Apart from this, this headache is also done by eating certain foods, such as fruits like chocolate, dairy products, groundnut and citrus.

3. Cluster Headache

This type of headache is very fast and painful. Cluster headache can occur several times in a day, but does not occur for a long time. Sometimes it starts only at a time, like-- if it starts in the morning, then for some time it will happen every morning. This pain can occur at one side of the head and one in the eye, because it also affects the nerve of the face.

Reason: It can be due to heat, exhaustion, smoking, alcohol intake and more or faster light. Read this also-Typhoid: Symptoms, Treatment, Causes, and Prevention

4. Sinus Headache

Pain in sinus is felt in the front part of the head and on the face. This type of headache occurs when there is sinus cavity in the cheeks, nose, head and eyes. This headache becomes even more intense when the person bends forward or bends his head after rising in the morning.

Reason: This headache occurs when cold falls, cold winds move, colds, fever, dust and excess pollution, or there is an infection.

Knowing the type of headache, it is important that you also know the cause of headache.

Causes of Headache 

Up we have told about four types of headaches. Now let us know what are the main causes of headache. Below we are telling you about some common, but serious reasons, which you rarely have noticed.

  1. Tension
  2. Head injuries
  3. By starving
  4. With a loud voice
  5. With a strong light
  6. By cold air
  7. With a lot of heat
  8. Hormonal changes
  9. By having a disease like migraine, sinus
  10. Lack of sleep
  11. Exhaustedly
  12. With fever or chills
  13. Having eye problems
  14. More often than by talking on the phone
  15. Having a serious illness
  16. By contact with dust or soil pollution
  17. Working longer on TV, computers or laptops
  18. Not taking essential nutrients.

Home Remedies for Headache

These were some of the reasons that lead to headache. In such cases, if the headache medication is taken again and again, it is not good for health. It is important, therefore, that you take some such measures, which do not have any effect on your health and your headache also gets cured. Therefore, below we are telling you home remedies for headache, which will not only cause you a relief in the headache but also have no negative effect on you.

1.Cold or warm

Many more colds or heat cause headaches. It is better to take a headache medication in such a way that you have a home remedy for headache. Sycamai is one of those same remedies.


  • Pieces of ice
  • Hot water
  • Ice bag
  • Hot water bag

How to use
If you are having trouble headaches in the summer, keep ice pieces in ice bags for 10 to 15 minutes on your forehead, neck and back.
If you do not have an ice bag, then keep the pieces of ice in a cloth, keep them in a painful place for a little while.
If you are getting headache during the cold days, then after humming the water, put it in a hot water bag and bake it.
If there is no hot water bag, soak the towels or clean clothes in warm water and bake them in the painful place.

How beneficial it is?
Headache occurs when your head muscles and blood vessels begin to contract. By doing so, muscle and blood vessels get relief. This causes blood flow to be normal and swelling is less, causing pain less. Cold-infected migraine proves to be more beneficial in the headache. Apart from this, some headaches require warm syrup, when heated, the blood flow increases and the pain starts decreasing.



  • Four small pieces of ginger
  • Three cups of water
  • recipe
Boil the water in a vessel.
Pour the pieces of ginger into boiling water.
Now cover this boiling water for a while.
After a while, filter the mixture and drink hot.
You can consume one or two cups of this mixture in one day.

How beneficial it is?
By the way, ginger can reduce headache, but it is most effective in migraine. Apart from this] it also reduces the problem of nausea. This home recipe can treat headache at a very short time.

Note: Excessive use of ginger can harm you. Therefore, take a limited amount of it.

3. Basil

Basil has been known for medicinal properties over the years. Tulsi is not only beneficial, but also in the headache.


  • One or two drops of basil oil
  • One or two teaspoons of other oils that suit you

How to use
Mix basil oil with other oil.
Now massage the oil with a cotton wool or fingers, lightly massage on the forehead and neck.
Then leave it for a few hours.
This will give you comfort.
After more pain, it can be applied in every few hours.

How beneficial it is?
This oil removes tension and stiffness in your muscles. Applying it to a painless place will give a lot of comfort. Its anti-microbial properties relieve headaches. It is very beneficial for stress and migraine.

4. Mint Oil

Along with mint, its oil is also beneficial. Mint oil in the headache is quite beneficial.


  • One or two drop mint oil
  • A teaspoon olive or coconut oil

How to use
Mix both oil and massage it on your forehead.
During the pain, you should continue to massage with this mixture in brief intervals.

How beneficial it is?
This oil will relieve your pain and make you feel cold. When you apply this oil on your forehead, it will give relief immediately from the headache. It prevents muscular contraction by increasing blood circulation in the brain. It is very beneficial in the headache caused by stress. Mumps also contains menthol, which can relieve headache and is beneficial in migraine.

5. Rosemary Oil

This oil market or online is easily available. Below we are explaining how to use this oil.


  • Two-three drop rosemary oil

How to use
Take oil on your hands and take it to the mouth and nose.
Then breathe again and leave or smell the fragrance of oil.

How beneficial it is?
Rosemary oil contains anti-inflammatory, which provides relief from headache. It is light and it seems to affect the pain in a little while. This oil can rest comfort from the headache caused by changes in sinus and hormones. The problem of insomnia can also be greatly reduced by this oil.

6 Cloves

It is normal to have headaches due to working hours or any stress. In such a way, the use of cloves can be beneficial. Everyone knows the use of cloves for toothache, but cloves are also beneficial for headache. Cloves have miraculous pain relief agents. Read this also - How To Lose Weight Fast: Simple Steps, Based on Science


  • Some clove pieces
  • clove oil
  • Almond or coconut oil

How to use
Clove  in a cloth or handkerchief and can sniff during pain.
Also, add one or two teaspoon clove oil to almond or coconut oil and apply it on the forehead.
Massage your head constantly with this mixture in the interval of few hours after more pain.
This will give you relief from headache.

How beneficial it is?
Clove oil is a healthy home remedy in the headache. It is only right for a while, but relief from headache. It is naturally anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, as well as many other nutrients present in it. It not only cures headaches, but also reduces the stress of stress.

7. Lavender Oil

Lavender's fragrance captivates everyone, but its oil is also very beneficial. It works like a panacea in the headache.


  • One or two spoon lavender oil

How to use
You can use this oil in many ways.
You can smell this oil by putting it in a cloth or handkerchief.
This oil can massage on the forehead, neck and back.
You put this oil before sleeping so that you get good sleep

How beneficial it is?
Smelling this oil gives a lot of relief in the headache. It contains linalyl acetate and linalool (linalool), which reduces headache. It is very light, so this oil can also be applied to baby and pregnant women. This is most effective in migraine. Its delicate aroma can reduce the problem of stress, anxiety, depression and lack of sleep.

Note - If you want it to have its effect on oil and good, then boil the water in a vessel and steam after adding some drops of lavender oil in that boiling water. This will give you a lot of comfort.

8. Chamomile Tea

Whenever there is a headache, then the tea-coffee first remembers. In this case, if chamomile tea is consumed, then the headache can be cured to a great extent.


  • A chamomile tea bag (available in the market or online)
  • A cup or a glass of hot water
  • Honey

How to make and eat?
Soak chamomile tea bags in a cup of hot water.
Now add honey according to the taste (if you wish)
Then mix it well and drink this tea hot and sweet.
Try to avoid noise and shock during the headache.

How beneficial it is?
There are some properties and compounds in chamomile t which can reduce the pain and calm the brain. It contains bisabolol, in which anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties are present. In addition, Chamomile oil is also beneficial in migraine.

9. Mint Tea

It also enhances the taste of eating with mint, as well as it is also beneficial for health. If you have headaches, you can drink mint tea. Below we are telling you the recipe for mint tea.


  • Some mint leaves
  • Black Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Water
  • recipe

Boil the water in a vessel and boil it by adding pinch leaves, black salt and black pepper in boiling water.
Then filter this tea and drink hot.
How beneficial it is?

Mint is very cold and its tea can be quite effective in the headache. Anti-oxidant properties of mint and contains Menthol Not only bring ease headaches, but stress too far can calm the mind. Menthol can be beneficial in migraine.

10. Green-Tea

Nowadays green tea consumption has become common. Almost everyone is consuming it due to its many advantages and properties. Green-tea is also beneficial in the headache.


  • Green-tea Leaf or Green-tea Bag

How to create and use?
Put Green- tea leaves or Green-tea bag in a cup of boiling water.
Then filter it and drink it warmly.
You can also add some lemon juice and honey to taste it.
To stay healthy, eat two cups of green tea every day.

How beneficial it is?
Caffeine present in limited quantities in green tea improves blood flow in the brain and provides relief in the headache. Not only does the headache problem cure, but weight is also balanced, but excessive caffeine consumption can also be harmful to health, so take a limited amount of it.

11. Red Chillies

If the taste of red chillies is eaten, then the taste of food increases, but do you know that your headache can also be cured with red chillies? Yes, you can use red chillies for headache.


  • Pinch or half a teaspoon red chilli powder
  • A glass of hot or lukewarm water

How to use
You can prepare the mixture by adding a glass of hot or lukewarm water, pinch or half a teaspoon, as much as you can drink.
Then drink it.

How beneficial it is?
Red pepper works like a painkiller. It contains a compound called companisine, which causes chilly to become dry. Capacenicin also works to reduce pain. In such cases, if red chilli is consumed, headache can also be relieved.

12. Sandalwood

It is known to everyone that sandalwood enhances the skin, but it is also very beneficial in the headache.


  • Sandal powder
  • Water
  • Sandalwood oil

How to use
Add a little sandalwood powder and water and make a paste.
Then put this paste on your forehead for a while and wash it on drying.
If you do not want to paste, you can put sandalwood oil (market or online easily available) on your forehead.
You can also smell sandalwood oil.
In addition, you can take steam by adding some drops of sandalwood oil in hot water.

How beneficial it is?
The fragrance of sandalwood is quite adorable and it is also cold. In such cases if it can be applied during headache or its fragrance, headache can be reduced. Although, no concrete proof has been proven so far, it has been written in detail in the Indian mythology about its properties.

13. Leaf Leaves

A lot of people drink after eating, but the leaves of this leaf can also cure your headache.


  • 4 to 5 leaf leaves
  • A few drops of camphor oil
  • Water

How to use
Grind the leaves of water with water and add the camphor oil in it.
Now put this mixture on your forehead and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.

How beneficial it is?
Pan leaves have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also cold, which will give you coolness. At the same time, Kapoor is used in painkiller balm.

14. Acupressure

Acupressure has been tested for many types of pain for centuries. Acupressure plays a very important role in providing relief from headache. To get rid of headache, there are some important points in our body, which have to be stressed and here we are talking about these points.

Between the eyebrows - the place between the two eyebrows. Simply put, place to place a bidder.

Under eyebrow - this place is in the corner of the eye under eyebrows.

Point of hand - This is the point between right thumb and index finger.

The point of the foot - the place of the place between the toe and the second finger.

Whenever there is a headache, press these points lightly. Due to pressure on these points, blood circulation is good and muscle stiffness is low. Doing this brings relief in the headache. There is also relief from stress and migraine.

Caution: If you are pregnant, do not put pressure on the point of hand, because doing so may cause contraction in the uterus. In addition, the method of acupressure is done under the supervision of an expert.

15. Coffee

Nowadays almost everybody has become a tea and coffee maker. Tea and coffee fill energy in the body by adding freshness. Along with this, drinking coffee also gives some relief in the headache. Caffeine in the coffee is very effective in the headache. Therefore, can say that caffeine acts like a painkiller (26), but continuous consumption can increase the headache. Therefore, if you consume limited amounts of coffee, you may get enough relief in the headache.
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