Amazing Health Benefits of Honey

Amazing Health Benefits of Honey

Honey has been used since ancient times, and prominence is mentioned in Ayurveda about the benefits of honey. For your information, let us know that the honey is a liquid substance made from floral juice by bees. It is prepared by bees in many phases after a long process. In Ayurveda, honey is given the status of a medicine and now people all over the world are also using honey for sweeteners. In the past few decades, many scientific research on honey confirmed in its description in Ayurveda.

The use of honey in any form is beneficial for your health. Just before using it, check that the honey being used is real or adulterated, because eating adulterated honey can lead to many losses of health. People are always confused about the quality of honey. For your information, please tell that the real honey is thick and it does not dissolve easily when you put it in the water, but gets frozen in the bottom, while the fake honey dissolves quickly in water. However, there is no definite scale to check the accuracy of honey.

Nutrition Found in Honey

Honey is a stock of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Fructose is found mainly in honey. Apart from this, carbohydrate, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin C and amino acids are also found in it. One spoon (21 grams) of honey contains about 64 calories and 17 grams of sugar (fructose, glucose, sucrose and maltose).Does not have any fat, fiber, and protein in honey.

Medicinal Properties of Honey.

Talking about the medicinal properties of honey, it is considered useful in treating countless diseases. This is the reason that honey has been treated as a medicine since ancient times. In today's time, people use honey mainly to improve skin, to improve digestion, increase immunity power, lose weight, etc. Apart from this, honey has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, due to which it is very effective in filling wounds or early relief from injuries.

How to Take Honey

Most people know about the benefits of honey but people live in confusion about how they eat honey. For your information, tell that you can consume honey in many ways. You can eat one to two teaspoons of honey daily or you can consume it by mixing it with milk. Apart from this, the intake of honey with light lukewarm water is considered very useful in reducing weight. Some people also consume lime in a mixture of light lukewarm water and honey.

Health Benefits of honey

Looking at the benefits of honey, it is considered to be nectar in Ayurveda. From small children to adults, honey is as beneficial for everyone. By eating honey regularly, the immune system increases the resistance, which prevents many types of infectious diseases. Let's know about the major advantages of honey in detail.
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1. Benefits of honey for cough

If your cough is not recovering for several days, then you should use honey. This is the effective domestic drug to cure cough. The antibacterial properties present in the honey prevents the infection from further progressing, as well as dilute the cough, which causes the cuff to come out easily. Especially those who are troubled by dry cough get relief from honey immediately.

Usage Method: To get relief from cough, you can consume honey in two ways.

First method: Drink a teaspoon of honey in a light lukewarm water before sleeping at night. Along with dilution of mucus, it provides relief quickly from cough.

Second method- Drinks made from ginger and honey, are also effective in relieving cough.

2.Benefits of honey for burn and cut

It is very beneficial to use honey even when the skin is cut or burn. Antiseptic properties present in honey quickly fix the burnt portion and also protect the skin from infection.

Usage Method: If a slight scratch has occurred in your skin or if some part is burned in a minor manner, then honey on that part. It reduces irritation and inhibits infection in that part.

3. Benefits of honey for weight loss

If you are worried about growing weight or obesity, then you can lose weight by eating honey. For your information, please tell that the fat in honey does not happen at all. It also reduces the body's cholesterol level along with controlling the weight. So regularly eat honey.

Usage Method: Take a glass of light stomach in the morning, add one teaspoon of honey in light lukewarm water and eat it. Do not eat anything for half an hour of drinking it. You can also mix half lemon juice in this mixture.

4. Benefits of honey for immunity power

The amount of antioxidant essential for honey is very high. Antioxidants present in it are very beneficial for the heart and protect against many diseases related to the heart. In addition, the main function of honey is to increase the body's immune system. Impact of immunity power prevents many types of infectious diseases.

Usage Method: To enhance the body's immunity, drink one to two teaspoons of honey in light lukewarm milk daily. By adding honey in milk, it becomes more effective.

5. honey for healing wounds

Elements present in honey contain flavonoid, phenolic acid, and lasozyme in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that inhibit inflammation and repair damaged tissues and cells. Due to these qualities, it helps to quickly recover the wound.

Usage Method: Apply honey directly to the wound place and if the wound is also burning, then add the rose water to the honey and apply it directly on the affected area.

6. Honey for Throat Infection

List of benefits of honey include removal of sore throat. It provides relief from cough and colds, and if your throat is sore or you have sore throat, you can still get relief by consuming honey.

Usage Method: To get relief quickly from the sore throat, add one to two teaspoons of honey in one teaspoon ginger juice and drink it twice a day.

7. honey for constipation 

If you are a patient of constipation, then understand that you are inviting many other diseases. The root root of many problems related to the stomach is constipation. Honey reduces the absorption of fractures in the body, because of this you can also use it to remove constipation. In addition to resting from constipation, it also relaxes the stomach and gas problem.

Usage Method: To get relief from constipation, take a glass of light lukewarm milk and take a teaspoon of honey before sleeping in the night.

Benefits of honey for skin

The benefits of honey are not limited to just digestion and immunity, but it also helps in skin cleansing. Honey has properties that absorb the surrounding moisture and helps to maintain the skin moisture. People whose skin is very appealing should use honey to keep their skin moist. Keep in mind that it is applied on the skin instead of eating it to get the skin bright. For skin, you can use honey in many ways. Here are some of the major methods of use:

Usage method:

A- For those who have rusty skin: Take one spoon of honey and place it on the flat part of the skin. Allow it to dry for 15-20 minutes and then wash with cold water. Use it for at least three times a week.

B-Skin Rejuvenation: To enhance facial glow, use a honey-ready face pack for you. Generally, face packs made from honey and lemon, honey and milk, honey and bananas and honey and yogurt are more beneficial.

Beneficial for hair

Hair starts to fall rapidly due to hair loss. The use of honey increases the beauty of the hair and decreases their stupidity. Antioxidant properties present in honey are beneficial for hair. It removes free radicals and prevents loss of hair due to excessive sun exposure or hair from some harmful chemicals. Honey also gives proper nutrition to hair.

Usage method: For hair you can use honey in many ways.

A-Mix honey with curd and make hair mask and apply it on the hair. This gives poor hair nutrition.

B-Hair masks made of honey and eggs do repair poor hair.

C- The combination of honey and aloe vera helps in hair growth.

Benefits of honey for acne 

Xylose and sucrose present in honey reduce water activity and prevent bacteria from growing. Because of this, honey is very useful to remove acne.

Usage method: Before sleeping in the night, take a little quantity of honey directly on acne and allow dryness for the night. Wash it with cold water the next morning.

Side Effects of Honey 

The advantages of honey are now known to all of you, but do you know that honey consumption can cause some damage? Yes, if you eat honey in excess quantity or with the wrong things, you may have to suffer from honey loss. Let's know what are the losses of honey and in what situations or what things honey should not be consumed with.

1. Avoid consuming excess amounts:

If you are consuming honey in the normal form then consuming one to two spoons throughout the day is enough and if you are using it as a medicine or for the skin, then the intake according to the dose given by the doctor and use. Consumption of high amounts can cause honey to be side effects and may cause vomiting and nausea in some cases.

2. Feed honey not less than one year old:- 

In modern medicine, it is believed that children under one year should not feed honey. This can be a risk of botulism in children. So if you want to feed honey to one child under the age of one year then first consult the doctor. Similarly, on the skin of small children, avoiding honey should be avoided.

3. People who are allergic to pollen grains avoided:

If you have pollen allergy to pollen grains, then you should avoid eating or using honey. According to research, people who are allergic to pollen grains, if they use honey, their allergies can increase.

4. People with sensitive skin avoid:

If your skin is very sensitive then do not have honey directly, but dilute it by mixing rose water or milk in honey and then apply it on the skin. The mixture of milk and honey is considered very beneficial for the skin.

5. Uncontrolled blood sugar level:

Many people have this question in their mind that can patients of diabetes consume honey? Or is honey consuming instead of sugar more beneficial for diabetic patients? For your information, let us know that people whose diabetes is in control can eat honey as food. The consumption of honey increases the immunity of the body's disease, thereby preventing problems related to diabetes. But keep in mind that if your sugar level remains uncontrolled, then avoid eating the honey. Diabetes patients must consult the doctor before taking honey.
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6. Patients with blood pressure:

If you are already taking high blood pressure medicines, keep checking your blood pressure while eating honey every day.

7. Do not take ghee and honey in equal quantity:

Ayurveda is advised not to consume the same amount of ghee and honey together. In Ayurveda it is placed in the category of diet against it. So do not consume the same amount of honey with ghee.

8. During pregnancy and breastfeeding:

However, the benefits of honey are useful for people of all ages but during pregnancy and breastfeeding, you only consume it in a limited amount. If you want to consume honey as a medicine then do it according to the advice of gynecologist.

9. Do not drink in hot water:

While drinking honey in lukewarm water, always keep in mind that the water should not be boiled and never boil honey by putting it in water because they also fall under the category of diets. So always use honey with light lukewarm water or water with normal temperature.

Now you are well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of honey. Nowadays, many brands of honey beads like Patanjali honey, Dabur Honey, Vitalnath Madhu etc. are easily available in the market. You can eat any of these at your convenience.
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