Health Benefits of Asafoetida

Health Benefits of Asafoetida

Asafoetida is usually used for pulses, it is also known as 'Bagarani'.

★ A greasy juice of a plant called asafa ferula foetis. Its plant is taller than 60 to 90 cm. These plants are more in mountainous regions of Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Blochistan, Kabul and Khorasan.

★ Lightening injury in the leaves of the asafoetida and bark gives milk and on the same milk there is drying on the tree and the glue is made, it is removed and dried in leaves or skins. After drying, it is known as the asafoetida.

★ Vaidy people who use asafoetida That is diamond asafoetida and it is the best.

★ It has huge consumption in our country. Asafetida eliminates many diseases.

★ Vaidyas say that asafetida should be taken before roast it.

★ Four types of asafetida are  available in markets, such as mustard asafoetida, asafoetida of European commerce, India-based asafoetida, vapinde asafoetida.

Benefits of Asafoetida.

1. Ribs Pain: - Massage the ribs by mixing asafoetida with hot water. It benefits from pain.

2. After consuming poison:-  After dissolving asafoetida in water, after drinking it, the effect of the poison gets over.

3. Dental sickness:-  Due to pain in the tooth, keeping pressing the asafoetida under the painful teeth gets relief quickly.

4. Worms in the teeth:-  Pressing the asafoetida slightly warmed down and pressing down the teeth. It causes teeth and gum insects die.

5. Toothache:  Heat the pure asafoetida in water and soak the cotton, and put it under the painful tooth. It cures the pain of teeth. Heat the asafoetida by pressing under the teeth or jaw, the insects engaged in tooth die and get relief in pain.

6. Indigestion:  Grind asafoetida, small herb, rock salt, celery, equal quantity. Take one spoon 3 times a day with hot water. This improves digestive power.

7. Not feeling hungry:  Before eating, take a piece of roasted asafoetida and ginger with ghee in butter. This leads to hunger.

8. Mad Dog Bites:  Grind asafoetida on the bite of a mad dog and apply it in a cut area. This eliminates the loss of mad dog bites.

9. Fever:  By consuming asafoetida, the fever that takes place in a sealed place is removed. By giving asafoetida, there is benefit in typhoid fever.

10. Waist Pain:  Mixing asafoetida with 1 gram, mixing it with a little warm water, gradually drinking it brings benefits of waist pains, tone, chronic cough and colds.

11. Jaundice:  Junk can be beneficial in eating asafoetida with sugar dried fruits. When jaundiced, rub the asafoetida in water and apply it on the eyes.

12. Dizziness: After eating asafoetida with ghee, the dizziness and pain that comes during pregnancy ends.

13. Insects of Wounds:  Grinding the leaves of asafetida and neem and coagulating it, the insects lying in the ulcer die.

14. Ear pain:  The pain of sharp ear is removed by putting the oil drops in the ear by cooking it in sesame oil with asafoetida.

15. Vomiting:  Pouring asafoetidas and watering on the stomach, the vomit is closed. Take 1 part, black pepper and opium 2-2 pieces and grind them into mint juice thoroughly and make pills equal to gram. By taking 1-1 tablet at 1-1 hour intervals with water, vomiting and diarrhea are stopped. By mixing 3 grams asafoetida and 3 grams of eternal infusion of water with water, all kinds of vomiting stop. Grind 1 gram asafoetida, 5 grams of gooseberry peel and 4 cloves together and mix it in 1 cup water and stop drinking vomiting.

16. Impotence:  Mix half a quantity of asafetida from the cow's butter and mix well in the bronze plate and make the ointment. Leaving the supari on the male's sensation, applying the ointment on it removes the penis dysfunction and erases impotence. Grate the asafoetida with honey and apply it on the pen, it stops semen for a long time and enjoys sexual intercourse.

17. Malaria fever:  Mix 2 grams asafetida in 2 grams Jaggery and take it morning and evening. Malaria fever is destroyed by this.

18. Black cough:  Black cough benefit from the application of asafetida on the chest of the children in black cough.

19. Cataract:  Take asafetida, stem and fennel and mix it with honey and eat it everyday to cure cataracts.

20. Anal disease:  Grind asafetida with water and apply it in cotton, and put it inside the child's anus. This causes anal disease to cure.

21. Constipation:  Hinghacht powder consumes 6 grams of water with water, all types of air diseases are eradicated. The quantity of roasted asafoetida in the country ghee can be obtained from 240 mg to 960 milligram in the amount of parsley and black salt powder in the water and consuming it on day and night daily to get rid of stomach gas and constipation. Pouring roasted asafoetida in a vegetable and consuming it stomach gas and constipation is destroyed.

22. Diarrhea:  By roasting asafetida and consisting of the decoction of rice, it provides relief in vomiting, abdominal irritation, fever and diarrhea. Mix roasted asafetida, white cumin seeds, black cumin seeds, small cardamom and cinnamon into equal quantity of powders, then add this powder to the quantity of 4-4, add rock salt to it, taking it 3 to 4 times in a day. Get comfort in diarrhea.

23. Preventing from having an abortion:  Asafetida is very useful to prevent repeated abortions. As soon as the symptoms of pregnancy appear, 60 bullets of 6 grams of asafetida should be made and one tablet should be eaten in the morning and evening. Gradually, the quantity should be given up to 10 pills per day. Later, reduce its volume gradually by the time of delivery, and like before, take one tablet morning and evening. This eliminates the possibility of miscarriage.

24. Yawning:  Fry asafoetida with ghee in the iron vessel. With this asafoetida, make a powder by taking green tea, dry ginger, cinnamon and black pepper in equal proportion. Then take 1 to 3 grams of powders every day with hot water, it benefits in yawning disease.

25. Heart beat:  Asafoetida 1 gram, camphor 1 gram, 2 green chillies Grind the three and make the pills equal to gram. Take 2-2 tablets three times a day with cold water.

26. Gout disease:  To remove knee pain, grind the real asafetida in ghee. Then massage it on joint pain. It removes rheumatoid arthritis.

27. Herpes:  Rubbing the herpes and applying the asafoetida on it heals the herpes.

28. Headache:  If the headache is cold, make asafetida and rub on the forehead. It removes headache. After dissolving asafetida with water, the headache ends. Dissolving a little asafetida in the water on the forehead, the headache caused by the winter ends in a few minutes. After dissolving asafoetida in water and putting some droplets in the nose, pain due to migraines is removed.

29. Penis Enlargement:  To increase the penis, grind the asafoetida and mix it with honey, putting it on the nights while sleeping at night increases the thickness of the penis.

30. Children's disease: Grind the asafoetida in water and heat it and apply it around the navel. Grind equal quantity of roasted asafoetida, clove, barrier, feed the baby after jaggery, and after that feeding this mixture, all stomach insects die. Make a powder of asafetida, kakadasinge, geru, muthri, sunth and narmmotha and mix it with honey and make chills in the hive and breath. Mixing ghee in the form of powders of sweet potato, sugarcane, asafetida and langi is mixed with the stomachache and the pain of the plaintiff disappears. Rinse the kulinjan and mix it with buttermilk and add a little asafetida in it and make curry and feed the babies. This eliminates the diarrhea of children. Mix 60 ml of roasted asafetida in the mother's milk. This will improve the stomachache of the children. After dissolving asafetida in water, in the anus, the child's chosen disease gets over. If the child cried and shouted, then the child should have pain in the stomach. In such condition, take a cotton cloth, warm it by making a cushion and stomach up the stomach and heat the gulargogan, massage it on the stomach or mix it with 60 ml of asafetida milk. This will correct the pain of the baby's stomach and the child will be silent.
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