Know About the Most Common Types of Cancer

Know About the Most Common Types of Cancer

There was a time when cancer was considered an Incurable disease and this was also true, because, during that time when someone had cancer, she did not survive, her death was fixed, but over time, Made a lot of progress, Medical Sciences has taken a lot of cancer treatment. If cancer is detected initially, then it can be stopped. We can say that now a person can be treated with a cancer-like illness. There are many types of cancer, more than 100 types of cancer are present in the world, today we are telling you about some of the main reasons for them.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a serious cause of cancer of both men and women. Every year millions of women and men are victims of skin cancer. To protect against this, people should save themselves from sunlight and pollution.

Blood Cancer

Blood cancer is the most common type. LLeukaemiais a type of blood cancer that is caused by cancerous blood cells. The cells present within the bone marrow of the human body give rise to red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, which can sometimes cause cancer, from which cancer is leukaemia People who have lleukaemiacancer begin to lose weight, they start bleeding, sweating, and a fever.

Bone Cancer

Bones of cancer mostly make children and old people preoccupied. Bones have very few cancers. If calcium intake is done properly then this type of cancer can be largely avoided. There are also other reasons for this.

Brain Cancer

The cancer of the brain is of two types, the first is called cancer and the second is called nan cancer. Brain cancer can happen to any person of any age, and many reasons for this occur are also very dangerous, whose prevention is not in human control. This cancer is known as ba rain tumour If this brain tumours not stopped then it can reach the brain and other parts of the body.

Breast Cancer

Most women are victims of breast cancer, but some men may also have breast cancer. Men have little complaints about breast cancer, most of them are victims of this. A regular check of your breast can be prevented from it. This kind of cancer can be prevented even at the right time by the marriage and the birth of children. There are several reasons for this cancer, which are difficult to prevent, regular treatment is successful.

Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer is mostly consumed by cigarette, bidi, tobacco, but people who do not smoke They will not have this cancer, it is also not necessary. Smokers are more likely to have oral cancer 50 per cent more.

Throat Cancer

People are victims of throat cancer every year. The main reason for this being that cigarettes, bidi, tobacco, gutkha etc. are consumed.

Lung Cancer

Many people in the world also suffer from lung cancer. The biggest reason for this is cigarette, bidi, tobacco intake and air pollution.

Pancreatic Cancer

This cause of cancer causes pancreatic prey. Its victims are found very little due to any other cancer cause.

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