Blood Cancer: Types, Symptoms and Treatment

Blood Cancer: Types, Symptoms and Treatment

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Blood Cancer: Types, Symptoms and Treatment, What is Blood Cancer, Types of Blood Cancer, Blood Cancer Symptoms, Blood Cancer Treatment, leukemia, lymphoma, melanoma.

What is Blood Cancer?

Cancer is a very dreadful disease. It is found in many ways in our body. However, all cancers are dangerous, but blood cancer is the most dangerous cancer in all of them. Cancer is found in different organs of our body. And by the same name the name of the cancer is taken, as if in the throat, throat cancer. If is in the tongue, the cancer of the tongue Similarly, it has different names. A cancer is also in our blood, which we call blood cancer. This cancer is very dangerous. In this, there are chances of death of a person very soon. In this cancer the person has to change the blood frequently. There are thousands of white blood cells in our body, and in the same number, white cells are destroyed. In the body of a healthy person there are white cells between four to ten thousand. As the number of cancer white cells increases, the number of healthy white blood cells decreases. By which, the person's immune system decreases. Cancer cells in blood cancer are spread in the blood. Treatment of this blood cancer is possible if it is detected in the early stages and treatment is started at the right time. It is very difficult to get treatment for blood cancer in the last stage. And treating this cancer is very expensive. Every person who is unable to get treatment. In such a situation, we should work with restraint rather than panic. And it should be treated right at the right time.

Types of Blood Cancer

There are three types of blood cancer;-

Multiple Myeloma

The patients of this are mostly old people. It is treated with chemotherapy radiation and other medicines.


Cancer cells in leukemia begin to interfere with the process of blood formation. Leukemia also attacks the bone marrow as well as blood. Due to which the patient begins to get dizziness, lack of blood, weakness, and pain in the bones. The diagnosis of leukemia cancer is only by examining blood.


The symptoms of this blood cancer depend on the size of the tumor. When it starts, swelling starts on the neck between the stomach and thighs under the sides of the neck. Its treatment is done by chemotherapy and radiation.
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Blood Cancer Symptoms

  • Fever- fever is one of the earliest symptoms of leukemia, body temperature is a reaction to the body fighting infection. When the body is affected by leukemia, the ability to fight infection with cells becomes less severe.

  • Uncertain bleeding - Should be investigated as soon as possible due to unhealthy bleeding from any part of the body such as the mouth, nose, rectum or urethra.

  • One of the symptoms of rhesus, spots or purpura-leukemia on the body, is the number of platelets. When there are not enough cells of these blood clots in the body, injuries and bleeding become normal. When small blood vessels break down under the skin due to the low number of platelets, then a purple diffraction of fragrant membrane on the skin becomes known as Purpura.

  • Sleeping - during sleep, sweating begins to sleep in the night, and the person suddenly gets up from a deep sleep.This can likewise happen when your room is well open, airy. This is one of the most common symptoms of leukemia, although no one knows what it is like.

  • Exhaustion - When a person is suffering from leukemia, the number of hemoglobin falls in his body rapidly. Hemoglobin is a part of red platelets, which is useful in the vehicle of oxygen. Hence, when the quantity of these cells diminishes, at that point the individual is weak.

  • Chest pain, swelling of the feet -Inflammation of the feet and swelling of the chest in the chest are usually seen in leukemia patients. They also have problems like bleeding and blood clots.

Blood Cancer Treatment

The doctor treats cancer stage by looking at the history and symptoms of the patient's illness. It is generally treated with medical procedure, chemotherapy and radiation.


In this, the doctor distinguishes the affected area from the body. As breast cancer is removed when breast is removed. Prostate cancer is removed when prostate cancer occurs. Surgery is not needed in all types of cancer. Just as blood cancer can be cured only by medicines.


In this, cancer cells are eliminated by drugs or medicines. Some chemo is cured by IV (through needles in veins), in some cases you are given medicines. These medicines show their effect throughout the body and eliminate cancer spreading everywhere.


In this, the rising cells of cancer are prevented and they are killed. Occasionally it is treated only during radiation or surgery and chemo. In this, your whole body is inserted into the X-ray machine, and cancer cells are eliminated.
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