Cancer Causes, Types, Treatment, Symptoms and Signs

Cancer Causes, Types, Treatment, Symptoms and Signs

What is Cancer

Cancer is a large group of diseases in which there is the ability to attack or spread to other parts of the body. The main reason for cancer is abnormal growth of cells is considered to constitute a subset of cancer neoplasms.

Neoplasm is a group of tumour cells that are developing irregularly, which often appears as a lump. Foods that fight cancer naturally

Symptoms of Cancer

When cancer begins, it does not exhibit any symptoms. Cancer symptoms relate to the type and location of cancer. Some symptoms are specific. There are times also people who have had common symptoms of cancer but they have other diseases.

Cancer is known as a hidden disease. In this way, many people are diagnosed with cancer when they undergo a check for treatment of some other disease and their symptoms match the symptoms of cancer.

Cancer diagnoses most people become depressed and worried about the risk of suicides in cancer people almost double.

Major Symptoms of Cancer

  1. The most common symptom of cancer is the formation of a tumour.
  2. Cough or pneumonia may occur in lung cancer.
  3. Cholesterol cancer produces intestinal contraction or obstruction and also affects the activity of the intestine.
  4. Breast cancer can produce lumps on the breast.
  5. When urinating, bleeding in the blood can lead to bleeding in anaemia or anal.
  6. Early inflammation in the cancer is usually painless, some cancers and chest stomach create fluid within the stomach.

Types of Cancer

Uterine cancer

If there is any type of wound in the uterus during the marriage, more childbirth, pregnancy before delivery, and if the pregnancy occurs before the recovery, then the uterus is at risk of cancer after the age of 40. Having bleeding after menopause, and having a bad breath, having pain in the legs and waist are the symptoms.

Blood Cancer (leukaemia)

The rays from the x-rays and radiation system affect the bones if they enter the body, thereby affecting the blood cells inside them. In blood cancer,  bleeding from the mouth, pain in joints and bones, persistent fever for several days, diarrhoea, increase in the size of the spleen and lymph glands, breathing in Problems are its main symptoms.

Throat Cancer

Tobacco consumption is the main cause of mouth and throat cancer. There is a symptom of having a lump, bruising or bile within the mouth, white stains in mouth, stinking, mouth opening, speaking and swallowing.

Lung Cancer

Lightning is the symptom of continuous coughing, bleeding with cough, changes in voice, difficulty in breathing.

Stomach Cancer

Pain in the stomach, poor appetite, sometimes vomiting of blood, lack of blood. Thin diarrhoea, it is the main symptom of getting blood only during defecation, lack of defecation due to lump in the intestines.

Cervical Cancer

After it spreads, it produces blood-stuff or mild vaginal discharge that occurs after sexual intercourse or abnormal bleeding. Early stages of cervical cancer cause pain, loss of appetite, loss of weight and anaemia.

Brain Cancer

Brain cancer has a lump in the brain or spinal, due to which it is due to dizziness, vomiting, forgetting, and difficulty breathing are the main symptoms. Know about the most common types of cancer.

Causes of Cancer

Most cancers are caused by the environment, lifestyle and behaviour. The environment is considered to be the main cause of cancer because the body and environment are interconnected, but along with the environment, lifestyle, economic and behavioural factors also involved in cancer causes.

For cancer reasons, 25 to 30% of tobacco consumption, 30 to 35% of obesity, 15% to 20% of the radiation from infection, 10% of radiation and other physical activity are caused by pollution and some other environmental pollution.

It is almost impossible to prove what is the cause of cancer in a person because most cancers have many possible causes. For example, if a person uses tobacco, then the risk of lung cancer.

Diagnosis of Cancer

Most cancers are initially recognized through either visible or screening or screening. None of these is leading to a definitive diagnosis, for which a pathologist needs to check the tissue sample. People with suspected cancer usually include blood tests, X-rays, CT scan and endoscopy in the examination of medical tests.

Diagnosis of tissue from biopsy shows how much the cell outbreak is increasing, which includes histology, genetic abnormalities and other characteristics. Together, this information is useful for evaluating forecasts and choosing the best treatment.

Cytogenetics and immunohistochemistry are other types of tissue tests, these tests provide information about molecular changes (such as mutations, fusion genes and numerical chromosomal changes) and thus can diagnose disease and also best treatment.

Treatment of Cancer

Cancer treatment must first be identified by cancer: Cancer experts recognize that a doctor who specializes in the treatment of cancer is called an oncologist.

Firstly surgery is used to treat cancer.

Radiation therapy is supported in another way.

And in a third way, the treatments related to chemotherapy are done differently for each particular patient.

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