Mouth Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Mouth Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment

Mouth Cancer

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1. What is Mouth Cancer
2. Mouth cancer Causes 
3. Mouth Cancer Symptoms
4. Mouth Cancer Treatment
5. Prevention of Oral Cancer

What is Mouth Cancer?

Mouth cancer refers to cancer of the oral cavity (starting from lips and back to tensile) or oropharynxes (inner part of the throat) tissues.

Mouth cancer is also called oral cancer, today the cancer is growing at a very fast pace around us, which is mainly due to the consumption of things like paan masala, tobacco, and gutka. This has become a topic of health-related concern in India. This is one of the most common diseases in men. The biggest cause of oral cancer is the consumption of tobacco. Mouth cancer can be avoided by avoiding substances such as tobacco. In this article, we will learn ways to treat your cancer and prevent the effects of cancer. Mouth cancer can be prevented from spreading. To get rid of this we will learn mouth cancer treatment.

Mouth Cancer Causes

Cancer of the mouth is a very rapid disease and in many cases, the patient's life can also go. Before treatment of mouth cancer, it is very important to know what may be the reason for mouth cancer. If you know these reasons then you will be saved from this terrible disease.

1. The main reason for having mouth cancer can be unhealthy dieting or an unhealthy lifestyle.

2. People who drink more alcohol or chorus have more chances of having mouth cancer.

3. Mostly beedi, people with cigarettes are prone to oral cancer.

4. Those people in their family have had mouth cancer earlier, such people have more chances of having mouth cancer.

5. The main causes of mouth and throat cancer are tobacco and gutkha. If you want to save your life then stay away from these.

Mouth Cancer Symptoms

1. Being red or white spots in a very long time within the mouth is also a sign of mouth cancer. If this is the case with you then you should check your nearest hospital as soon as possible.

2. It is possible to have ulcers in the stomach due to heat in the stomach and drinking less water. But if it is not being corrected by any medication or home remedies then mouth cancer can be a symptom.

3. There may be symptoms of mouth cancer due to the release of blood in the mouth for no reason.

4. if you have blisters in your mouth and do not get corrected within 3 weeks of being cured of mouth or lips then it can be a sign of mouth cancer.

5. Having an empty stomach smells everyone's breath, but if your breath always stings at all times, it can be a sign of mouth cancer.

6. Laxation of teeth after the age of molding is common but if the teeth are starting to loose at an early age then there is a symptom of mouth cancer.

7. Due to tonsils, swallowing of food is common practice in the throat, but if there is a problem in chewing or swallowing food without any reason, mouth cancer can be done.

8. Symptoms of oral cancer may be numbness of your tongue or any part of the mouth or the self-cured.

Mouth Cancer Treatment


Surgery for Tumor Removal - Your surgeon removes the cancerous tissue and some healthy tissues along with it to remove the tumor, to ensure that all cancer cells have been removed. Small cancer can be removed through small surgery. Large tumors may require more extensive procedures.

Surgery to remove cancer spread in the neck - If cancer cells in your neck have spread to lymph nodes or it has a major risk, then according to the nature of your cancer, your surgeon has the procedure to remove lymph nodes and tissues of cancer. Can give advice. This surgery removes any cancerous cells in your lymph nodes.

Surgery to repair the mouth again - After surgery to remove your cancer, your surgeon can advise you to repair your mouth to help you refresh your ability to eat and eat.

Radiation Therapy

If your oral cancer is in the early stages, you may only need radiation therapy. Radiation therapy can be used even after surgery. In other cases, radiation therapy and chemotherapy can also be treated by combining, it increases the effectiveness of radiation therapy but it also increases its side effects. In cases of posterior cancer of the mouth, radiation therapy can help in the treatment of cancer such as pain relief.


Chemotherapy is a treatment that uses chemicals to kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy medicines can be combined in combination with other chemotherapy drugs or in combination with other cancer treatments. Chemotherapy can increase the effectiveness of radiation therapy, so both are often given together.

Targeted Drug Treatment

Targeted medicines treat oral cancer by replacing cancerous cells, which promote their development. Cetuximab is a targeted therapy for treating head and neck cancer in some situations. Cetuximab stops the function of a protein that is found in many types of healthy cells but is prevalent in certain types of cancer cells.

Alternative Treatment

No supplements or alternative medicines can cure cancer of the mouth but can help you fight oral cancer and the side effects of cancer treatment, such as can help prevent fatigue. Ask your doctor about appropriate exercises, massage therapy, relaxation therapy, and acupuncture.

Prevention of Oral Cancer

1. Do not use smoking or any tobacco product nor drink alcohol.

2. Eat a good and balanced diet.

3. Avoid as much as possible by contacting the sun's rays. Whenever you go out in the sun, use UV-A / B blocking sun protection lotion on your skin and lips.

4. Youngsters who have oral sex have a high danger of oral cancer.
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