High Blood pressure: Causes and Symptoms

High Blood pressure: Causes and Symptoms 

High Blood pressure: Causes and Symptoms

What is Blood Pressure

The pressure of blood on our blood vessels (arteries and veins) is called blood pressure. use a machine to measure it, which is called sphygmomanometer. On pressing the rubber bladder, the strap tightens into the arm and when the doctor or the investigator releases pressure, the tick is heard in the air, then there are two statistics from the falling level of the mercury.

The ideal blood pressure is considered 120/80. The first number in this is called systolic blood pressure because it shows the blood pressure of the time of heartbeat. The second number is called diastolic blood pressure because the blood pressure is reported during the time of stress-free heart.

Blood pressure is measured in millimetres in the mercury column. If blood pressure exceeds 140/90, it considers the state of hypertension. That's what we call blood pressure.

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is often called 'silent killer' because it sometimes enters the body without knocking. Here we are showing some symptoms of high blood pressure, which can identify high blood pressure.
  • 1. Persistent headache
  • 2. Pain in chest
  • 3. Look Weak
  • 4. breathing problem
  • 5. Nose bleeding.

Causes of High Blood Pressure

More than 90% of cases, the cause of hypertension is not known, but there are many Risk Factors due to which you may have high BP disease:

1. High age: Risk of high BP increases along with increasing age. However, now the disease is being found in the youth too.

2. Family history: If someone in your family is high BP then you also get the chances of getting the disease.

3. Temperature: In many cases, high blood pressure causes have been found that when the temperature is high, the BP remains low and BP becomes high when the temperature is low. So if you live in low temperatures, then your BP may be higher. However, it is more common to be after 65 years of age.

4. Obesity: Obesity itself is a problem and it brings many other diseases along with it, one of them is high blood pressure disease. Overweight or obese people are more prone to high blood pressure than those with normal weight.

5. Gender (men/women): Men generally have higher chances of having high BP complication than women. But after the age of 60, both of them get the same danger of being hypertension.

6. Physical inactivity: If you are not physically active, you do exercise, do not move more or you are sitting in a sitting area, you increase the risk of getting High BP.

7. Smoking: Smoking increases the likelihood of having cancer, but due to this, your blood vessels become shrinking, which increases blood pressure. Because of smoking, the amount of oxygen in the blood also decreases, so to compensate it, the heart has to pump rapidly, which increases the BP. High blood pressure causes.

8. Alcohol: It has been found in some studies that people who drink regular compared to those who do not drink, systolic blood pressure is approximately 7 mmHg higher.

9. Stress: It has been cleansed from many studies that the chances of having high blood pressure problems are greatly increased in those who are often stressed.

10.Diabetes: In patients with diabetes, the likelihood of hypertension increases. However, if you properly control your sugar, then its risk is reduced.

11. Pregnancy: Pregnant women are more likely to have a high BP complaint during pregnancy, after which the delivery becomes normal. High blood pressure causes.

How to Control High Blood Pressure

If you are a patient of high blood pressure and want to reduce the risk, then adopting the right diet other than doctoral advice will also be extremely important and beneficial. If You Do Your Blood Pressure Control Through Diet, Learn Tips -

1.  Fruits and vegetables - You must include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Add at least 2 to 2½ fruits and vegetables daily in the diet. Take leafy vegetables, broccoli and blueberries in the diet as well as things rich in potassium like watermelon, orange, banana, potatoes etc. Potassium is very helpful in maintaining blood pressure.

2. Dairy Products - Being high blood pressure does not mean that you can make a distance from your favourite dairy product. Rather, you should immediately approach fat-free or low-fat products. Add milk, yoghurt, household items and other low-fat ingredients into the diet and be healthy.

3. Rich Protein Food - Acquire Protein-rich foods. You should take approximately 6 oz or less protein throughout the day. If you wish, you can choose a chicken of red meat. As a better protein source, you can add eggs and fish daily in the diet.

4. Alcohol and Sugar - If you consume alcohol then you have to limit it, as well as reduce the intake of sugar. Both of these can increase your blood pressure. It should also make distances from things containing saturated fat, carbonate and trans fat. All this can increase your problem and damage the heart cells.

5. Sodium level - High blood pressure patients should reduce their dietary sodium levels. Sodium is not only found in salt but also in processed food. Before taking such things from the market, check thoroughly. Use fewer chips, frozen seafood, mustard, ketchup and pickle. A small quantity of these may also increase the level of sodium in your body to 1000 mg.

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