Symptoms of Hiv/Aids

Hiv/Aids: Causes and Symptoms

Symptoms of Hiv Aids

What is Hiv/Aids?

What is Hiv/Aids: AIDS means Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is a disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV. Immediately after the HIV infection, it is a 'flu' type of illness. The flu remains for only a few days and is very light because of which people do not recognize it. This virus gradually reduces the ability to fight a person's infection. When the body's immune system is so low that it can not resist the infection, it is said that the person has become AIDS. It takes 8 to 9 years for HIV infection to reach AIDS.

The person feels normal in the initial phase of HIV infection. The diagnosis of AIDS can be determined only through the test. Such people should be encouraged to live life in general and to continue their business.

AIDS is a serious disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. HIV eliminates the immunity of an individual, in this case, the patient is not able to cope with this disease.

Causes of Hiv/Aids

1 Unsafe sex is the main Causes of Hiv/Aids; With this, the virus reaches the body of a healthy person from the infected person's body.

2 Giving blood to the patient is also the means of spreading AIDS. By its blood, its virus reaches directly into the body and the disease quickly surrounds it.

3 People who take drugs are also infected with AIDS. They use each other's syringes-needle. They suffer many AIDS and spread the disease.

4 If the mother is infected with AIDS, then the infant is also born infected. Thus transplantation infections also spread to AIDS by about 60 percent. The remaining 40 percent of the mother's milk reaches the infant. Causes of Hiv/Aids

Symptoms of Hiv/Aids

According to a survey, it is not known in the initial stage of HIV and the person is late in getting the treatment. That is why it is important for you to be aware of the initial symptoms of Hiv/Aids.

Frequent Fever:
feeling of fever every two to three days and many fevers more quickly, the first symptom of Hiv/Aids.

Over the last few days, fatigued or feeling tired at all times is the starting symptom of HIV.

Stretch in Muscles:
You did not do any kind of heavy work or you do not do any work of physical work, even then muscle strains and stiffness are always there. It is also a Symptom of Hiv/Aids.

Pain and Swelling in Joints:
If you have pain and swelling in your joints even before the overage, you need to have an HIV test.

Sore Throat
Often drinking less water is complaining of throat gut, but if you drink water in sufficient quantity and still feel a severe sore throat on your throat, then this symptom is not good.

All the time pain in the head, pain in the morning and with the increase of the day, the increase in pain is the biggest Symptom of Hiv/Aids.

Slowly Weight Losses:
In HIV, the patient's weight does not decrease at all. Every day there is an impact on body systems gradually and there is a decrease in weight. If your weight has declined in the last two months, then get the check done.

Stress Without Reason:
You do not have any problem but still, you get stress, then it is essential that you have to check the HIV.

Vomiting all the time after nausea or eating food also indicates the HIV virus in the body.

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